Matt Snyder speaking at presentation

Chicken Wings and Love

This presentation focuses on children from trauma in the classroom. Attendees will learn the causes of trauma in children, how the brain responds to trauma, behaviors exhibited by children from trauma, and strategies to use in the classroom. This is a fast-paced presentation using up-to-date research and humorous stories.  Contact us to schedule this presentation.

Six Lessons from Monty

This presentation focuses on six lessons from personal experience that all teachers can use to improve classroom functions as well as the difference between tolerance and acceptance in the classroom and how these impact they way educators discipline children.  This is a fast-paced presentation using humor and personal stories as well as current research.Contact us to schedule this presentation.

Chicken Wings and Love: Full Day Workshop

This is an intensive full day workshop that focuses on the brain research of children from trauma, as well as behaviors exhibited and strategies to use in the classroom. Many hands-on activities and videos are included in addition to the original ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study. Contact us to schedule this workshop.

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